Wellness Series

Taking care of yourself is just as important as taking care of others

This free series is presented by Nurse Practitioner Medical Education. After years of experience, speaker Sharon Momanyi, APRN, CNP has learned the stress of being a medical provider.  She will provide the learner with tools for enhanced wellbeing at work and at home through live webinar. This series will provide tools for work and life balance. You can register for one class or all three.

Setting Boundaries

January 19, 2021: 12-1pm CST

Have you had troubles setting limits at work? Have you had problems with saying “no.” Do you feel overwhelmed with having to do too much. This class will help with setting boundaries to allow for more freedom to do more of what you enjoy.

How to negotiate

March 16, 2021: 12-1pm CST

This class will provide you with the tools for negotiation. It will provide the learner with the skills for negotiation for jobs and different workloads. We all negotiate, some better than others. Learn how to get the best deal and have satisfaction with what you have gotten


February 16, 2021: 12-1pm CST

This class will explore the reasons for burnout. It will also provide tools to help avoid the burnout cycle. Hopefully after learning the tools and reasons why we burnout, the learner will be able to avoid and move forward in their career.

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