About Us

Welcome to Nurse Practitioner Medical Education. The company was founded by Nurse Practitioners for Nurse Practitioners to provide quality continuing medical education without any exhibits or product promotion.

The mission is to offer a unique conference experience by diving deep into one or two topics over a few days to enhance the knowledge of the learner and enable them incorporate what they have learned into their practice.

The quality of education, past experience and expertise is what sets the profession of nurse practitioner apart from other professions in the medical field. Coming from a nursing background, we have a different viewpoint in the care we provide. Our aim is to help incorporate this into the conference and help the learner to enhance their knowledge.


Sharon Momanyi, APRN, CNP

Sharon is the founder of Nurse Practitioner Medical Education. She graduated with her CNP in 2009. During her time as a nurse practitioner she has had a wide array of experience ranging from pain management, to palliative care, to geriatrics and internal medicine. She enjoys teaching and sharing her experiences with the learner.

Nancy Nyongesa, APRN, DNP

Nancy graduated in 2013 with her DNP. Her practice has mainly been in pain management. She has a wealth of knowledge and loves to share these with the learner. Her enthusiasm towards the subject makes her a dynamic educator.

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